What is An Epilator and How Does Epilator Work?

Before buying a best epilator for you, its very important that you should be sure that you know exactly what the epilator is, what it does and, how does it actually work.

What is An Epilator

An epilator is a device that removes hair on the body by grasping a few hairs at the same time and pulling them out. The epilator has tweezers or round discs that will take the hairs and mechanically pull them out as you go over them with the device.

The epilator pulls the hair out of the roots, which is why some pain is experienced during epilation. Just like waxing, some pain is expected because of the way that the hair is pulled out so only the root of it remains under the skin. The good thing, though is there are ways that you can make epilation a lot less painful, such as buying one of the best epilators for the money.

When you epilate you can expect the hair to not grow back for anywhere from 4-6 weeks because you are removing the entire shaft of hair down to the roots. This is just one of the advantages of using an epilator instead of something like a razor or even bleaching cream. These machines are able to pull fine and short hairs which may not even be accessible to a razor.

An epilator can come in a variety of different sizes and there are also some that come with special caps or heads that are designed for specific areas of the body. Most devices will also have more than one speed that you can choose from as well.

Epilators can easily be used at home and there are some that even allow for use in a shower or bath. There are corded epilators as well as cordless and battery operated epilators.

There are some devices that will cost you $100 or slightly over while some other cheaper ones won’t cost you more than $35. When choosing an epilator to buy, do keep in mind that most of the time you do get what you pay for and the more expensive devices usually have better features and benefits that often make epilation a better experience.

How Does An Epilator Work

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go into the super technical and geeky details about epilators, because no doubt that detail is boring. But on behalf of user perspective, its important to know how does epilator work because, that will really help you in the pursuit of a smooth and beautiful body. So, this brief guide is helpful for all curious people wants to know how an epilator actually works, and how they remove your body hair, etc.

In the beginning there were springs or, to be more accurate, a coiled spring. Basically, the first epilator was made and released in 1986. It was the first Epiladay and incorporated a spring that was curved and spun at high speed. The spring would flex while being rotated and moved across your skin. Your hair would be caught in the spaces of the spring then pulled out as the spring was rotated and flexed. The spring would often snap due to the constant flexing, and the screams of the users could be heard from miles.

Modern Epilators have advanced a long way since then, both in design and the way they remove hair. Instead of the old coiled spring, they now incorporate a series of metal plates, or tweezers that are fixed to a small barrel. The barrel or head of the epilator rotates at high speed while at the same time the tweezers open and close gripping and pulling the hair. This is done extremely quickly, and because there are many tweezers on the rotating head all working at grabbing and pulling your hair the same time, the hair is removed quickly and easily, helping to reduce the pain involved.

Other innovations include: lights to make it far easier to see what you are doing, ice packs to help numb the skin before the hair is removed and advances in design that help to lift hairs that may be lying flat against he skin and guide them into the path of the tweezers. This means more hairs can be removed in one pass than would have been previously possible.

Some manufactures have designed their models to work in water. These are known as wet and dry epilators. This means you can relax, have a nice warm bath, and use you epilator at the same time. Some people find using an epilator in this way can help them relax and ease discomfort.

So you can see epilators really have come a long way since the early 80’s. It is probable that many of the stories you hear about epilation and pain are from women who have used older models, rather than the newer, high-tech designs which are available today. These newer designs really are a big improvement on their older cousins.

Although the newer models are definitively nowhere near as torturous as those early models the manufactures for all their new technology have still not found a way to totally eliminate the discomfort felt while using them.

The epilator is a great compact handy and affordable way to get rid of your unwanted body hair. manufacturers of the various types and models of epilator really have tried to make their various models as easy and convenient to use as possible.